Ryszard Auksztulewicz


rauksztu (at) cityu.edu.hk


Ryszard Auksztulewicz (see Google Scholar) conducts empirical and theoretical work at the interface of cognitive, computational, and systems neuroscience, focusing primarily on the neural mechanisms of predictive coding and their modulation by cognitive factors. He is currently funded by the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship for his work on neural mechanisms of prediction signalling (for more details about this project, click here), and is hosted by the Neuroscience Department of the MPI for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt am Main (working closely with Prof. Lucia Melloni and Prof. David Poeppel), and the Department of Neuroscience, City University of Hong Kong (Prof. Jan Schnupp). He is also a co-investigator on two competitive grants awarded by the Research Grants Council Hong Kong (for more details, click here and here).

Previously, Ryszard has worked in the world’s leading cognitive and computational neuroscience groups at University College London (Prof. Karl Friston) and Oxford University (Prof. Kia Nobre), spearheading empirical and modelling studies of the neural mechanisms of prediction error signalling. Most of his previous and ongoing work is directly related to predictive coding and auditory mismatch signalling in the brain. He has also presented the work dedicated to predictive coding at international conferences, symposia, and in invited talks on over 25 occasions.


2021 & in press

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  • Auksztulewicz R, Rajendran V, Harper N, Schnupp J (in prep) Omission responses in auditory cortical neurons.


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2015 and older

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