Kongyan Li (Cecilia)

Kongyan Li joined the lab as a PhD student in 2016. She is a Master of Medicine (Science of Chinese Pharmacology) from Jinan University and a Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Preparation (Drug Inspection)) from Zunyi Medical University. Her research is focused on binaural cues in rats, especially interaural time difference sensitivity and its temporal weighting.



  • Li K, Chan CH, Rajendran VG, Meng Q, Rosskothen-Kuhl N, Schnupp JW. Microsecond sensitivity to envelope interaural time differences in rats. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 2019 May 2;145(5):EL341-7.
  • Rosskothen-Kuhl N, Buck AN, Li K, Schnupp JW. Microsecond Interaural Time Difference Discrimination Restored by Cochlear Implants After Neonatal Deafness. Under review. Preprint available at BioRxiv. 2019 Jan 1:498105.