Accessing Lab Servers

Twinkle and Chime are the lab's server computers. They host our websites ( and ) and Twinkle acts as our general database where all useful data will be stored (scripts, collected animal data, manuscripts, posters, etc.).

  • To access Twinkle remotely via ssh:

          1.  Ask Jan to setup a profile for you

          2. Install remote desktop software called x2go client (open source software available for Mac, Windows and Linux)

          3. Click on New Session icon:

              Choose session name (e.g twinkle)

              Leave the Path section empty


              Login: Username

              SSH port: 22

              Leave all sections below empty

               Session Type: XFCE

               Enter session name, username, password and voilaaa!

  •  Create a name folder in /home/colliculus/ to store everything related to your project
  • Don't forget to implement your database!!