scene analysis

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Perceptual binding of harmonics - and pop out

This is a little demo that we found described in the book "Vergleichende Tierphysiologie" by Neuweiler. It nicely illustrates that multiple harmonic components in a tone complex are usually "perceptually bound" and not individually perceived (unless you force them to "pop out"). The sounds in this demo are two simple "tone complexes". The first tone complex, let us call it tone A, comprises the first ten harmonics of 200 Hz (i.e. 200, 400, 600, ... , 2000 Hz and so on).

Streaming and Jitter

The following demo explores the effect of temporal regularity, or rhythmicity, on stream segregation. It uses the stimuli used in the study by Rajendran and colleagues (2013 JASA-EL).

This demo works well with recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, not yet tested with Internet Explorer. It does not work with most mobile browsers.